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image001Collection of the Gibran Khalil Gibran Museum,
Courtesy of the Gibran National Committee


Kahlil Gibran - The Artist

One of my dearest dreams is this--somewhere, a body of my work say fifty or seventy-five pictures, will be hung together in a large city, where people would see and perhaps love them.

--Kahlil Gibran

Pursuant to an agreement signed by the Gibran National Committee in Lebanon, William Nix and the Creative Projects Group are developing and producing an international art exhibition. That exhibition's tour is planned in order to better acquaint the international community with the paintings and drawings of Kahlil Gibran, which are not as well known as his writings. The major art publishing house, Skira Rizzoli Publications intends to help curate and publish a definitive comprehensive collection of Gibran's artwork, in several languages, as a companion publication to this international art tour. It is contemplated that the traveling art exhibition will be designed and managed in a venture between Creative Projects Group, Stuart and Beverly Denenberg of Denenberg Fine Arts and Jeffrey Landau of Landau Traveling Exhibitions of Los Angeles, with the advice and guidance of Jean Gibran, in consultation and coordination with the Gibran National Committee and the Gibran Museum.